# Panel widget

This widget is based on the HTML Form Entity field, and is intended to display any useful information to the user.

# Attributes (setters)

        ->setInlineTemplate("<h1>{{count}}</h1> spaceships in activity")

The Panel needs a view template, that you can provide in two ways:

# setInlineTemplate(string $template)

Just write the template as a string, using placeholders for data like this: {{var}}.


    "<h1>{{count}}</h1> spaceships in activity"

# setTemplatePath(string $templatePath)

Use this if you need more control: give the path of a full template, in its own file.

The template will be interpreted by Vue.js, meaning you can add data placeholders, DOM structure but also directives, and anything that Vue will parse. For instance:

<div v-if="show">result is {{value}}</div>
<div v-else>result is unknown</div>

# Data valuation

Valuation is handled by a dedicated $this->setPanelData(string $panelWidgetKey, array $data) in the Dashboard class:

function buildWidgetsData()
    $count = [...];

        "activeSpaceships", ["count" => $count]

Pass there the widget key and an array with the data required by your template.