# Markdown

This form field is a markdown editor, with formatting and an optional toolbar.

Class: Code16\Sharp\Form\Fields\SharpFormMarkdownField


# Configuration

# setHeight(int $height)

Set the textarea height, in pixels.

# showToolbar()

# hideToolbar()

Show or hide the toolbar (shown by default).

# setToolbar(array $toolbar)

Override the default toolbar, providing an array built with SharpFormMarkdownField's constants:

const B = "bold";
const I = "italic";
const UL = "unordered-list";
const OL = "ordered-list";
const SEPARATOR = "|";
const A = "link";
const H1 = "heading-1";
const H2 = "heading-2";
const H3 = "heading-3";
const CODE = "code";
const QUOTE = "quote";
const IMG = "image"; // special, see below
const HR = "horizontal-rule";


        SharpFormMarkdownField::B, SharpFormMarkdownField::I,

# Embed images in markdown

The markdown field allows image embedding, throught the IMG tool (from the toolbar). To use this feature, you'll have to add the IMG tool in the toolbar, and configure the environment (see below).

Sharp take care of copying the file on the right folder (after transformation, if wanted), based on the configuration.

# setMaxImageSize(float $sizeInMB)

Max file size allowed.

# setCropRatio(string $ratio, array $croppableFileTypes = null)

Set a ratio constraint to uploaded images, formatted like this: width:height. For instance: 16:9, or 1:1.

When a crop ratio is set, any uploaded picture will be auto-cropped (centered).

The second argument, $croppableFileTypes, provide a way to limit the crop configuration to a list of image files extensions. For instance, it can be useful to define a crop for jpg and png, but not for gif because it will destroy animation.

# setStorageDisk(string $storageDisk)

Set the destination storage disk (as configured in Laravel's config/filesystem.php config file).

# setStorageBasePath(string $storageBasePath)

Set the destination base storage path. You can use the {id} special placeholder to add the instance id in the path.

For instance: $field->setStorageBasePath('/users/{id}/markdown')

# Display those images as thumbnail in the public site

Of course you'll want to display those emebedded images in the public website, as thumbnails. Sharp provides a helper for that:

sharp_markdown_thumbnails(string $html, string $classNames, int $width = null, int $height = null, array $filters = [])


  • $html is the html-parsed markdown. Note that Sharp does not provide a markdown parser, mainly because you'll want to have the ability to choose yours. We think this one is pretty good, if you want some guidance.
  • $classNames will be set a class on the <img> tags.
  • $width and $height are constraints for the thumbnail.
  • and finally $filters, as described in this documentation.

# Formatter

  • toFront: expects a markdown string; will extract embedded images for the front.
  • fromFront: returns a markdown string.